Things get a bit complicated here, as each cryptocurrency is different. But if you keep a wallet yourself instead of holding your tokens on an exchange, you can also acquire bitcoin on your own. However, if you're happy not to be anonymous, and want to trade regularly, exchanges and wallets are a great choice. 4.

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Some people might open an exchange account at Kraken, bitFlyer or Coinbase. Selling is similar, and both buy and sell orders will cost you a little, so don't do it just for fun. But again: It's your money. You can purchase them from an exchange; via a wallet service; at face-to-face meetups, from a physical bitcoin ATM; or you can have a go at mining some yourself.

READ NEXT: What is bitcoin? You could lose your smartphone (which is why you should always generate and keep a backup phrase somewhere if you have a mobile wallet). I routinely curse at electronic devices for thwarting me at every turn. Sometimes there’s truth to it as well and it is certainly interesting to investigate claims and perhaps find exciting investments early on.

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If you're opting for the coin base authenticator qr code bitcoin ATM route, then don't worry about your bitcoin address: all the coinbase 1099 information you'll need to obtain your bitcoins will be on a print-out – or sent automatically to you upon scanning a QR code. There's a couple of things you can do to minimize that coinbase referral code risk, most of which are obvious (for example: choose a good password for your account, store it securely, and enable two-factor authentication). That said? It's not hard to lose bitcoin by sending it somewhere and simply forgetting where.

It took a minute to get directions. Make sure to write down all your account information, including seed words and keys, in multiple places so you won't lose them. I'm a crypto god now, right? Skip to main content area Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter TechnologyBusinessScienceCars & BikesLife & CultureThe FutureReviewsHacks Search FacebookTwitterNewsletterLinkedin Sections Secondary menu How to buy bitcoin in the coinbase referral link reddit accounts UK: Turn your cash into cryptocurrency in 2017 Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is booming.